Best Scrambled Eggs Sandwich

I love eggs specially if it is scrambled. The recipe I share below is an absolutely heavenly version of the scrambled egg, and you can have it for lunch on its own, or with bread as a sandwich. It is simple to prepare and is pretty addictive :))

What you need:
2 medium eggs
1 tablespoon rosemary leaves
boiled slices of 1 medium potato (optional)
salt to taste(optional),about two pinches
1 teaspoon of Spicy Chili Crisp *
1 tablespoon oil

How to make:
Pour oil in a skillet
Add the rosemary leaves
Add the potato slices, and sauté for a minute
Pop the eggs into the skillet, and add salt
and add the red chilli crisp
Sauté for a minute, you can add any leftovers as well like roast chicken or pasta, to make it varied.
Make a sandwich with bread, or enjoy it own its own!!

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