Food Presentation

Food Presentation is an important part of the eating and dining process, unfortunately it is the most overlooked part of the process, specially when we are eating at home.
Remember, first and foremost, that even though it is greatly enjoyable to eat tasty food, it is important to assess the hygiene of a place where the food has been cooked in order to avoid bad experiences later.

Contaminated food is life threatening, stay away from any street side food,  that you have even the slightest doubts about. While cooking at home, always be mindful of washing your hands, and tie your hair, to avoid any mishaps. Never use a towel, to wipe you hands, and then get back to your next task while cooking. Wash your hands, each and every time you need to clean them, or clear any food items from your hands.

Coming to food presentation, this is an art, it comes naturally to some people, for some it may need prior planning. When the food on the plate looks inviting, it is likely to taste better as well, due to its heightened aesthetic value.

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If you are serving food in a plate, choose a plain plate, so the food is the highlight. White plates are my all time favorite. Add colors to your plate, try to incorporate at least four or five colors. Add-ons on the plate are a good way to add color to a plate. For example, if you are serving chicken biryani on a plate, place a small stem of coriander leaves by the side and few dots of  green aloe Vera yogurt along the perimeter of the plate.
If you are serving biryani on the dinner table as a dish for a group, use a large wooden or earthen tray, to enhance its visual appeal.
Kitchen stands(for vegetables, fruits or plates) , and garden pot stands are an excellent way to serve, baked dishes and salads, and add character to your dinner spread. Below are a few pictures showing some unique styles to present your food.
Plant pot to hold a bowl of leafy salads.
Vegetable stand to serve cupcakes