Balance your Calories

Many of my friends requested me to add the calorie content in my recipes, so I will be doing that henceforth. The calorie content mentioned in the dishes will be an approximation based on the ingredients I use, and could differ slightly on case to case basis.

The importance of counting your calories on a regular basis is advised by many nutritionists and health instructors. The reason counting calories is important, is because in the modern day world we eat a lot of processed food. When we are having our favorite takeaway for dinner, or munching on that oh so delicious salad at the salad bar near our office, we often forget that the ingredients they use might not be fresh, and are highly likely to be using some form of processed ingredients.  It is always wiser to have an approximate gauge of the calories we are consuming on a daily basis. It need not be an exact measure, just a high level of estimation is sufficient.

Countries like the US are fighting obesity problems constantly and it is a matter of time before it becomes an epidemic in Asia as well. Here is a fabulous website that gives a bright insight on nutrition and healthy food :

On a separate note, sweets have always been my weakness, and I have always noticed that on days that I do not exercise, or have taken a break from exercises for a week, my sweet cravings increase. Here is a very nice article on why we crave for certain food, and the signals that our body may be sending to us indirectly.

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